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Photography has always been a huge passion of mine. I love the countryside, so I've naturally migrated mainly to landscape and nature photography. Just spending time in the great outdoors is reward enough, but being able to capture some of the beauty all around us is a wonderful bonus! Oh, and who doesn't like spending time on our beautiful coastline?!

I worked, for far too many years that I'd admit to, in a photographic lab within the film industry, so have plied my trade from traditional film processing and printing, through to the digital age and everything Photoshop! It does raise the issue of photo manipulation and how much should be used. Most of my images have only been tweaked where necessary to try and bring out the best of what I've shot, although I have played with some of the images to try and create a different feel to certain photos. They should be obvious which ones they are though!

Finally, I really hope you like what I'm showing here and if it inspires you to head out across this wonderful island of ours, with or without camera to hand, then this website will have done it's job. Thanks for visiting!